patricia o'callaghan
patricia o'callaghan


Deepest December: Christmas with Patricia O’Callaghan

From 15th century Spanish and French carols to modern (holi)day songs, Patricia’s Christmas concert will have you feeling both the warmth of the hearth and the frosty nip of deep winter. One moment, you’ll feel transported to a medieval tavern, with the ancient sounds of the hurdy gurdy and the harp, and the next you’ll be humming and grooving to brand new Christmas carol. Patricia’s love for these songs shines through into her crystalline voice, and she’ll have you singing along too!

Patricia O'Callaghan sings Leonard Cohen

Patricia brings Matador to the stage, with an outstanding band, including David Restivo on piano, Andrew Downing on double bass, John Gzowski on guitars, and Mark Mariash on drums.

She also invites guest singers to fill out the program, depending on the scale of the production. Maryem Tollar, Sienna Dahlen, Mike Ross and/or others may join her on stage, bringing their own exceptional and unique talents to the mix.


"...I had the pleasure of attending her thrilling performance titled "Patricia O'Callaghan Sings Leonard Cohen" at last year's Global Cabaret Festival… I was utterly transfixed, watching and listening to O'Callaghan on stage."

"O'Callaghan's voice is as rich, pliable and luminous as ever, interpreting Cohen's songs with tremendous tenderness and a mature, worldly sensitivity and insight."
— Sharna Searle, The Wholenote

" angelic, bilingual reading of "Suzanne," a gently chilled "Alexandra Leaving" and a craftily propulsive interpretation of the death tally "Who by Fire?"..."Dance Me to the End of Love," performed à deux with Mike Ross and ushered in on a single, plaintive flute, becomes a dizzying celebration of unbridled passion."
— Christopher Louden, JazzTimes

Broken Hearts and Madmen

Juno Award winning Gryphon Trio (violinist Annalee Patipatanakoon, cellist Roman Borys, and pianist Jamie Parker) and Patricia O'Callaghan have teamed up to create Broken Hearts and Madmen, a ground breaking new recording produced by Roberto Occhipinti. Featuring songs by Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake, Lhasa de Sela, and Laurie Anderson alongside traditional melodies from Mexico, Argentina, and Peru, the album is international in spirit and is a haunting exploration of the romantic soul inside us all.

With Broken Hearts & Madmen, the Gryphons and O'Callaghan have taken chamber music out of its sometimes stuffy confines and bravely thrust it in a truly global direction.

They are currently touring the show throughout North America.

Reviews of Broken Hearts and Madmen

"The trio's playing is superb and complex and O'Callaghan's vocal nuances are delivered with a heartfelt, dynamic, yet surprisingly light and subtle touch"..."the results are stunning, soulful and profoundly affective."

"...absolutely breathtaking in its attention to detail, with every note carved from their love of the songs and their obvious ease with each other."
— vivascene


Conceived and composed by Christos Hatzis,
 produced and performed by the Gryphon Trio
 with vocalists Maryem Hassan Tollar and Patricia O'Callaghan, Constantinople is a multidisciplinary music theatre work that explores the spirit of this ancient city: the cultural crossroads of East and West, a diverse urban centre often challenged by political division and clashes of faith, and a reminder of what can be beautiful in our complex, often divergent modern existence. Constantinople has been touring throughout the world since 2001.

Director / Choreographer - Marie-Josée Chartier
Scripting Advisor - John Murrell
Visual Projection - Lionel Arnould and Jacques Collin
Set & Lighting - Bernard White
Costumes - Heather MacCrimmon
Sound Design / Engineer - Anthony Crea
Production Manager - Caroline Hollway

Bohemians in Brooklyn: 1939-1943

Another new venture, this time with harpist Lori Gemmell, pianist/singer/ songwriter Bryce Kulak, and storyteller Tom Allen. This is the brain-child of CBC host Tom Allen, so I'll leave you with his description:

What happens when a poet, an author, a composer, his lover, and a book-loving stripper all move into the the same house in quiet, wartime Brooklyn? Arguments, indulgence, infestation, questionable relationships of every description, a murder mystery, plenty of reasons for the neighbours to bang on the walls and, just possibly, some truly wonderful art. Join singers Patricia O'Callaghan and Bryce Kulak, harpist Lori Gemmell and storyteller Tom Allen for an evening that is a potent mix of cabaret, social history, very juicy gossip, glorious music and all parts fun.

Designer - Ken MacKenzie
Production Manager - Caroline Hollway

The Judgment of Paris

Written by - Tom Allen
Narration, Trombone, Voice - Tom Allen
Voice, Cello, Guitar - Kevin Fox
Harp, Trumpet, Piano, Voice - Lori Gemmell
Piano, Voice, Accordion - Bryce Kulak
Voice, Piano, Percussion - Patricia O’Callaghan

As the thunderclouds of the Great War pile up and burst, the musical revolutionary Claude Debussy and his one-time follower Maurice Ravel compete for the love of their proud, fickle, darling, Paris. The Judgment of Paris is a mix of cabaret, history and story-telling with timeless music by Debussy and Ravel, as well as original songs by the performers. It is new and old, heroic and tragic, history and fiction – and may the best composer win.

Running Time: 90 min. with Intermission.
1 hr. version available
Size of Company: 5

Reviews of The Judgment of Paris

"…beautiful arrangements of works by both composers as well as evocative new compositions riffing on themes in their life and music."
— NOW Magazine

"They are an engaging company that is able to address the topics of love, war, history, art and beauty in such a way as to make light of them without being flip. I was entertained and moved as well as educated."
— Emily Hanlon, Ottawa Chamberfest



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